Winter Classes are for private play groups only. Please contact Moey to schedule.

If your child likes birthday parties, he/she will LOVE Moey's Music Party classes!  Cool Mom Pick’s raved “It’s like a fabulous birthday party for your kid each week!” Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays come once a year, but every day’s a party with Moey’s Music Party’s fun and educational classes!

Each class introduces instruments, sing-along songs, shake your tushie dancing, colorful scarves, puppets, bubbles, and musical story time based on a different weekly party theme. Classes incorporate phonics, counting, finger play, sharing, listening, and learning about musical tempos. This interactive class is as much fun for the grown-ups as it is for the children. Read 70 reviews at Parents Connect by Nickelodeon

The New York Post dubbed Moey "The Pied Piper in Pink" because she has developed a cult-like following singing to thousands of children each year. Moey’s Music Party classes are a chance to get to know Moey in a more intimate setting. Moey makes every child feel like he or she is the most important person in the room.

Classes are for mixed ages from infants to preschoolers.