Princess Revolution! Wins Parents' Choice Gold Award!

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"Sure, Melissa Levis, aka Moey, celebrates sparkly "princess power" in her girl-centric new release Princess Revolution, but don't expect a celebration of helpless stereotypes or the fostering of pint-size attitudes of entitlement. "Power" is the key word here. In Moey's deftly crafted, tuneful songs, little princesses come in all shapes and sizes. If they need saving, they rescue themselves. A monster in the closet at bedtime? No problem-just say "Go Away Monster!" and send him on his way with an imaginary karate chop. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White don't need to while away the hours in boring slumber waiting for their respective princes.

Just "Give Yourself a Kiss," they're told (and the Frog Prince learns the same lesson). Moey, a polished performer, tucks empowerment messages into each track and they include her takes on "The Ugly Duckling," "The Frog Prince" and "The Little Mermaid." The anthem-like "This is My Voice" ("you have a voice, let it shine") sums up Moey's healthy definition of "princess power": strength, generosity and independence."

-Lynne Heffley ©2012 Parents' Choice

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Princess Revolution! is a rocking girl-power concept album which challenges the notion of the “passive princess” in classic fairy tales and celebrates every girl’s intelligence, confidence and sparkle! The aim is to empower girls to be helpful heroines who can slay their own dragons. The 15 fun and feisty songs touch on subjects such as positive body image, gender roles, leadership and the importance of individuality. The CD also includes musical re-tellings of Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and The Pea, and The Little Mermaid with new endings that offer a modern twist. Accolades include a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Dr. Toy’s Ten Best CD’s, The Toy Man Seal of Approval and KIDS FIRST! endorsement. Kick off your glass slipper and join the Princess Revolution!

Select Reviews:

“…singer/songwriter Melissa Levis … is redefining princesses one song at a time. The album has won a well-deserved Parents’ Gold Choice Award! She wanted to reinforce that girls aren’t just pretty, they can rescue themselves and just because you like pink doesn’t mean you have to be dainty.” Read Review Here...

– Children's Media Association

“Empowering girls with the message that they are not helpless, that they can wake themselves up with their own magical kisses, slay the dragon, and even rescue the prince. Performed with verve, energy, and enthusiasm. An excellent album for all little princesses!”

– School Library Journal

“It’s so nice to see Moey’s ongoing commitment to celebrating and empowering girls.”

– Marlo Thomas

“A celebration of girlhood that focuses on independence... though it still appeals to “girly girls” who love princesses and all things pink.”

– Toy Directory

"Rock tunes are more Joan Jet than Joni Mitchell" 

– The New York Times

“Spreading the message of kid power!”

– New York Post

“It’s girl power for the princess set!... A fun, happy CD with feel-good, positive messages for little girls. Instead of waiting for Prince Charming, the princesses in Princess Revolution are self-reliant, strong and confident.”

– Celebrity Parents Magazine

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